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Service delivery department (SDD)

Service delivery department

Our Service Delivery Department assists with managing projects, tracking progress and KPIs, managing budgets, and ensuring a fully professional service is delivered.

Engineering projects

We have been responsible for numerous types of electrical and mechanical installations across a variety of UK fleets. Our experience has given us a wealth of knowledge regarding fault diagnosis and rectification. Dynamic Engineering are a company dedicated to reliability, quality and professionalism. 

As part of our service delivery department, we will take responsibility for responding to and rectifying any faults. We can also begin looking at rectifying old faults and reducing faults on the network to improve overall operational performance. We are offering your company the option of a rolling monthly agreement that can be stopped and started as needed.

FM Online Portal

Dynamic Engineering have a bespoke portal for entering new tickets, that allows a seamless process for yourself to enter new tickets as well as being able to view all historic and pre-existing tickets. 

You will have ability to customise the access to the system, meaning you are able to give your clients access to the system but only show the data that they need

  • Fleet overview
  • Fault log – New, in progress and complete
  • Fault types
  • Rectification costs
  • Fleet percentage operability. 
  • Historic data

Our FM online portal should be a totally transparent system that our clients can be confident that we are managing fleet functionality in order to maintain a high level of operability.

Services we offer

Integration with our services rectification manager (SRM) to provide you with visibility on ongoing tickets.

The ability to comfortably process up to 35 visits per week, due to us having our own engineering staff.

Full UK mainland coverage and all tickets are priced at one standard price regardless of location or fault.

You will have full access to our EOS portal and will be able to report on a whole array of information.

We will have a rapid response team available so that if there is a risk of a fleet going below its SLA target we will prioritise that fleet to avoid incurring penalties.

We can store any spare / materials required to carry out their SLA’s in our secure new facility in Doncaster. This will allow for prompt access to any materials required to our FSE’s

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